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HVAC Changeout & Refrigerant Charge Verification

HVAC changeout requirements must be met when an HVAC system is being added, replaced or altered. The Standards make a distinction between two types of HVAC changeout situations: new or replacement space conditioning systems, and altered space conditioning systems. When a new or replacement space-conditioning system is installed, the system must meet all the applicable mandatory measures as well as the prescriptive requirements. When a space-conditioning system is altered by the installation of or replacement of the air handler, outdoor condensing unit of a split system air conditioner or heat pump, cooling or heating coil, or the furnace heat exchanger, the Standards require ducts to be sealed and the system have a setback thermostat. In addition, the system must also meet refrigerant charge verification requirements.

Video of HVAC Changeout

HVAC Changeout

As energy expert Steve Easley and Mazi Shirakh, energy specialist with the California Energy Commission explain, there are several significant changes in the 2008 Standards concerning HVAC changeouts. The 2008 Building Energy Standards have eliminated the TXV option. Now, refrigerant charge must be verified by a HERS rater, or provisions must be made for sensors or access holes to check the charge. This video also covers new requirements for air flow and fan watt draw in new space conditioning systems. These new requirements impact system replacement and new system installation in existing homes.

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