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Fiberglass Insulation

Builders must meet an energy budget in order to obtain a building permit for a new residential structure in California. When properly installed, fiberglass insulation improves energy efficiency and allows a builder to cost-effectively meet the required energy budget. Fiberglass insulation is most commonly installed in walls and attics, as well as raised floors and floors over garages, crawl spaces and basements. Loose-fill insulation may also be used.

Typical residential insulation installations have flaws that degrade thermal performance. Since these problems are widespread, the Energy Commission assumes in its approved computer programs, prescriptive standards, and life-cycle cost analyses that insulation does not perform as effectively as standard U-factor calculations would indicate. Since the standard calculations are based on good quality installation, wall heat loss and heat gain are assumed to be higher than a quality installation due to common installation and construction flaws. Therefore, High Quality Insulation Installation requires HERS field verification.

Video of Insulation of Walls


Quality of fiberglass batts installation determines the effectiveness of the insulation's energy efficiency properties. This video demonstrates the procedures for high quality installation of wall insulation.

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Video of Insulation of Attics


A home’s overall performance in terms of energy efficiency is determined, to some extent, by they quality of installation of attic insulation. In this video, energy expert Steve Easley and insulation expert Joe Arrigo review the proper procedures.

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Video of Materials & Safety

Materials & Safety

There are a number of key materials and safety considerations for quality installation of insulation. This video covers tips for installation safety and materials selection.

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