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Plan Check

One of the most important first steps in building energy efficient homes in California is the plan check process. Enforcement agency/building department personnel check plans for conformance to Building Standards, and the plan checker's responsibility is to verify that the information contained on the construction documents is consistent with the requirements specified on the energy efficiency compliance documents. Plan check verifies that the residence contains the construction details necessary to meet the State’s energy efficiency requirements. This module covers Standards requirements, enforcement and compliance.

Video of Plan Checking Process

Plan Checking Process

Energy expert Steve Easley talks with Becky Frasier, chief building inspector for the City of Oroville, about plan checks. Plan checks are essential to ensure that residences are energy efficient and in compliance with the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Plan checks verify that the residence contains the construction details necessary to be energy efficient and to meet Title 24 requirements, while site inspections confirm that the residence was built according to plan. The primary job of a plans examiner is to verify that the information provided in the energy documents is accurately translated into the plans themselves.

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